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When: Novermber 3rd-8th 2016

Peggy Natiello

Peggy Natiello
Person-Centered Facilitation

Participants in person-centered groups will find the process unlike any they have experienced before. Those who have participated in these experiences have described them as exciting, frustrating, unpredictable, wild, wonderful, spiritual, life-changing, and transformational. Whatever the description, there is no question that the experience of a person-centered, large-group gathering is replete with new insights and expanded potential.

Each of these person-centered groups will focus on:

• the values, ethics, and process of the person-centered approach
the dynamics that transform a group from a conflicted gathering
of individuals into a harmonious whole
• the potential movement from individual power struggles to
synergeticgroup power
• the ability to foster powerful social and personal change
• the balance between autonomy and merging - between
individualism and individuality
• the meaning-filled impact of congruence, empathy and positive regard

The Learning Process in Groups

In this intensely interactive and egalitarian process, blending the theory and experience of Rogers' person-centered approach, participants will discover new and courageous ways to respond to social and personal conflicts. The process will call upon the creative capacity of the group - and the individuals in it - to find solutions to whatever situations arise. The group will engage the depth of learning, wisdom, and personal empowerment that proliferates when the "freedom to learn" (Rogers, 1969) takes precedence over reliance on expert guidance.

The participants will constitute a learning laboratory where aspects of personal, social, professional, and spiritual concerns emerge from the unpredictable turn of events rather than from imposed agendas. The facilitator will assume the role of learning partner rather than authority. The undirected, but carefully facilitated, process will teach the personal and social impact of a person-centered climate, encourage individual expression, help participants soar to new heights, and strengthen their courage to take a stand.

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