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In her practice Peggy adheres to her commitment to bring forward the principles of the person-centered approach. Her continuing research, consulting, and group work explores a range of interests in gender issues, collaborative power, evolution of consciousness, social change, and developing a more humane global community.

Peggy currently offers person-centered consulting services to individuals and organizations, offers training programs in the PCA in Europe and the United States, and facilitates person-centered group events.

Consulting: Peggy provides personalized consulting to individuals, couples, families, and groups. In keeping with the principles of the approach, she uses a self-selected fee.

Peggy offers staff development, coaching, and organizational consulting to educational groups and small and large businesses. Cost depends on the number of attendees and length of time needed for consulting.

Education: Peggy is a graduate advisor for learners in the Counseling / Psychology Program at Prescott College. In that role she implements Carl R. Rogers’ philosophy of learning as discussed in his book, “Freedom To Learn.”

Groups: Peggy is known internationally for her research and facilitation of person centered groups. Her commitment stems from her belief that these groups contain the seeds of personal and social change. Please click here to download paper that explores the possibility of transformation in person-centered groups.